yung sham

by yung sham

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a bunch of loud pop songs i made in 2015


released January 18, 2016

citycoat played drums, keyboards, etc. on "im so high ]" and ";-0"
ice baaat played rhythm guitar on "........"



all rights reserved


yung sham Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: ........
your words
were left unheard
you slept on my lawn
with your kneecaps on
at the bottom of a frozen pond

your eyes
had grown in size
you had caught a cold
from your mind and soul
how could we grow old ??
up above my room I heard the falling
of a thousand dollar bills and silver dollars
and her eyes they had a shining
and her wrists were tangled round my throat

I told her that my breath was aging slower
then the sun sets in the morning
and my teeth were yellowing in color
up above my room I heard the falling of winter

Inside of your eyes there grows a forest
populated by very tiny creatures
If I could mutilate my words
It would simplify to “somebody kill me"
Track Name: im so high ]
she reminded me of you
and the way you’d wake me up at noon
and say “hi good morning how are you?”

we were swimming in the creek
and my mind had floated down the stream
my pain had made me feel so free

when the rain washes away your nerves
we will speak
and I think it’s pretty cool you see the things I see
I hope we realize our dreams

as we slept by an old dead corpse
we agreed
that we hope we find all the things we seek
on his flesh are the words you read
Track Name: IN MY HEART
stomach bug
won't you come out
and sing
for the light now

in the mouth
of the sun god
by the trees
I will wait there

I was here on business
she was a vowel with a face
I was there in sickness
she was my stomach bug

"hold me close"
she whispered slowly
I heard her lips
as they rubbed together

friendly dark
won't you come out
and ring
for the light frowned

I saw them making love in the park
and the way that they kissed left a mark on my heart
and I never thought that i'd be afraid of the dark
in my heart

our love will never tear us apart
our love will never tear us apart
our love will never tear us apart

in my heart
Track Name: nursery
I heard
you were coming back to school
I hope it’s easier this time

she said
“your band was really great”
I said “ I like to think we were"

on the beach
I heard the fluttering wings
from beneath me
her rosy cheeks
had dulled into a swampy green

god’s fingertips
had risen from the trees
and I hope you sleep tight in your

I saw
you were swimming in the lake
I wonder if you’ll catch a cold

she said
“you should probably be dead”
I said "sometimes I wish I were"
Track Name: FULL MOON
in a film
there were moving pictures
by the boat
they were moving closer (moving closer)

I heard her steps up the stairs and I woke up
her kisses were sharp in the light of the full moon

I was raised
for breeding only
in the fall
I would count my pennies (count my pennies)

I heard her steps up the stairs and I woke up
her kisses were sharp in the light of the full moon
Track Name: -))))(((-
moss grows in the apartment
vines from the ceiling
how are you feeling?
give me a reading

when ur lips stick to my intentions
give me attention
tell me I’m perfect
tell I’m worth it
I heard hissing in the distance
her name was florence
and when she spoke there was music
deep in my stomach

I feel like nothing ever calms me
and within this body
is a magician’s orb and a goblin
and there will be blood shed tonight